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"Force of Execution" is the story about a crime lord torn between his legacy and his desire to get out of the life of crime that has built his empire, when a new player to the scene tries to use the town anti-hero's network to climb to power. The only friend the crime lord has is his assassin protégé who has troubles of his own. An epic battle of under bosses and crime lords. Only one will come out alive or will they?
Don&#39;t go into this movie thinking seagull is the lead because he isn&#39;t the lead. Bren Foster is the king in this movie. If you go into this movie just expecting good action your going to love it. <br/><br/>Seagal has some great fight scenes in it as well as pulls off being his character. I&#39;m happy to see him doing something else rather than being a cop. I think the director did a good job pulling this one off. I cant wait to see the sequel they just got done making for the movie.<br/><br/>This movie is way better than van Dames enemies closer and I&#39;m pretty proud of this movie. Danny trejo is actually in the movie for longer than 5 minutes and he pulled his character off as well. Don&#39;t Go into the movie looking for a James bond movie just put it on and don&#39;t expect anything and you will enjoy it for what it is.
Steven Seagal&#39;s Die Hard Fans will not be Disappointed in this, one of the Better DTV Movies that the Complex Seagal has made in a Long Time. It has a Number of Things going. It is set in the USA, has Three Co-Stars that are Entertaining, and the Lesser Known of the Three, Bren Foster is a Handsome, Athletic, Martial Arts Expert that is all the Buzz as an Action Star Protégé. <br/><br/>Seagal Still has Time to Lose some Weight and Hire a Dialog Coach, go into some Deep Meditation and Recover the Self-Esteem, Dignity, and Angst that made Him a Bonafide, Kick-Ass, Soft-Spoken Anti-Hero that had All the Right Stuff.<br/><br/>This One Shows Some Signs but the Aikido Master is Still a Long Way Off from Redeeming Himself for all the Hurt He has Caused HIs Long Suffering but Still Loyal Fans. It is Odd Enough with Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames, and a Pinch of the Supernatural to Recommend for the Seagalists, B-Movie Action Fans, Martial Arts Aficionados, and Anyone with a High Tolerance for this Type of Thing.

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