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Science-fiction shooter video game that juxtaposes small vs. giant, natural vs. industrial, man vs. robot.
This is no call of duty clone… This is a adrenaline fuelled, fast paced, extremely well balanced multi-player experience! For every attack there is a defence. Playing as a pilot (on foot) may seem underpowered compared to the giant robots roaming the cities and deserts, however you do stand a fighting chance… From rockets and grenades to even jumping onto a titan and shooting out its internal systems, there are multiple different methods to bringing one down. It is immensely satisfying when David beats Goliath. All of this said, the game does still suffer in some places. Campaign doesn't really exist. There are 9 select multi-player maps with a voice-over fitted in before each game when your waiting in the pre-game lobby. Its just background noise. Also no character development. When one of my teammates mas sacrificing his life for me, all that was going through my mind was: 'what's his name again'. All this aside Titanfall is still a superb game that succeeds at making you feel like a total badass. Worth buying at full price!
Titanfall is ,to put it simply, an excellent experience. <br/><br/>The gameplay is just brilliant, as a pilot you&#39;re agile and fast, it&#39;s very reminiscent of other twitch-shooters, but with parkour elements added in. But, as a titan you&#39;re slow and lumbering. The titans are incredibly fun to use, as their is a definite weight and power to them which adds excellent contrast between playing as a pilot and a titan. The shooting itself is very good also, and creates a very high-octane experience. The maps are very well designed, and the game modes, whilst being nothing innovative, are great and suit the game well.<br/><br/>It is not perfect though. There does seem to be a lack of content at the moment, with only a few weapons and limited customization for each and I would of preferred a little more than 15 base maps as this is an online only game. The online campaign is also pretty bad and serves no real purpose.<br/><br/>But on the whole I&#39;ll say titanfall is a very,very solid and refreshing addition to the currently drab and dull expanse of FPS games. I&#39;d recommend it to anyone who is getting bored of the standard FPS formula but still desires high octane action.<br/><br/>definitely worth the money :) <br/><br/>(I played titanfall on the xbox one so I can&#39;t guarantee it&#39;ll be as good in the 360)

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